Army Scarf

Review of Marcy Smith’s Retro Striped Scarf pattern.

I knew I wanted to make the Retro Striped Scarf as soon as I saw it.  It seemed very cozy.  I also like the fact that it was a scarf with a little more interest than your basic hdc scarf that was also manly enough for the average guy.

I decided to make this scarf for an above average guy, my father, more or less in Army colors.

Army Scarf (Wrapped) Amry Scarf (full length) Army Scarf (closeup) Army Scarf extreme closeup

Pattern: Retro Striped Scarf by Marcy Smith

Size: 6 feet

Yarn and Hook: Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Mink Brown, Forest Green Heather, and Wood Print, using size J (6.0 mm) hook

Modifications: Did not add the fringe, had to adjust rows to counteract curling on the increased edge (see below).

How it Went: I liked this scarf much more in theory than in practice. There were two things that kept me from liking it more.

First, it turns out that the three colorways I used had slightly different thicknesses which made it hard to keep the width constant. The fact that the scarf is on a bias helped disguise it, but it was a struggle.

Second, I kept finding that the increase edge kept curling in a way that meant I had to chain extra stitches to keep it from curling in on itself.

On the positive side, I really liked the Wood Print colorway.  (I also really liked the Forest Green Heather because of the way it incorporated turquoise with the dark green.) Also, I learned a new stitch (moss stitch) that looks nice and is very easy.

Bottom Line: I like how the scarf ultimately turned out, but I doubt I’ll make this particular pattern again.

Donation Hats

Review of Adrienne Engar’s Chunky Ear Flap Hat crochet pattern.

Christmas crafting is almost done!  Only a little while longer until gifts are opened and I can start posting about what I’ve been up to for the past few months.

In the meantime, here are two hats that I worked on earlier this fall.

Fig Ear Flap Hat, 3/4 View Fig Ear Flap Hat, Side View Blossom Ear Flap Hat, Side View Blossom Ear Flap Hat, 3/4 View

Pattern: Adrienne Engar’s Chunky Ear Flap Hat ($5 in her Etsy store, The Fuzzy Noggin)

Size: Child (ages 3-8)

Yarn & Hook: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick (Fig, Blossom, and Charcoal colorways), using size K (6.5mm) hook

Modifications: None

How it went: The pattern itself was very easy and very quick.  I think each hat took me just a few hours.  I could have done both of them in a single dedicated day of crochet. Gauge turned out to be more important than I would have expected for a project of this nature.  I found it very easy to make this hat far too large with the recommended yarn & hook, but going down a hook size resulted in a hat that was far too small.  I attribute this to my interaction with the yarn rather than the pattern itself.

Bottom Line: I’d definitely recommend this pattern to someone looking for a warm, stylish winter hat – particularly if you’re looking for something quick.